About me

During the day, I am responsible for the Application Development service line for Avanade Netherlands BV. Besides running this group of 80+ developers, I am a trainer, speaker, lifehacker and very much a software developer. Software development is not something I get around to much during the daytime given my current responsibilities, but that is why Visual Studio comes with a Dark theme.

I am also CTO and lead developer for Gastouderbureau Lepelaar, a small & ambitious company that provides daycare mediation services. At Lepelaar I develop and maintain all software solutions required for the primary business processes and online marketing.

About this site

This site runs on Orchard 1.7 and is hosted by Vevida. The theme is an adaptation of the TheBootstrapTheme by Bind Tuning. A list of the modifications:

  • The "read more" link on the blog section now appears after the first paragraph, or conditionally at the point where the HTML comment <!--more--> is added to the content.
  • On the homepage, the entire latest blogpost is shown, not just the first paragraph.
  • I have hidden the default page title using the placement.info file by adding     <Place Parts_Title="-"/>
  • I changed the footer rendering to not include standard text in the shape template. Instead, I added the current footer text as a HTML widget to the footer container.